Saturday, May 12, 2012


Lately there has not been much to report on. All of my sons allergies are under control for now. Whew! But, I decided today that I am going to lessen my restrictions on foods he is not allowed to eat. Of course I will test it out and see how it goes first. I know other allergy parents will allow their children to eat products that were made in the same facility or even shared equipment with their allergens. I will not go as far as shared equipment but I will be trying to feed him things that were produced in the same facility as. It is most definitely going to scare me but if I can widen the range of food my son can eat and he will end up okay, then who am I to limit my son when it may not be necessary.

Tomorrow is mothers day and it is supposed to be HOT here tomorrow. So, we decided it is the perfect day to shampoo the carpets. With training a puppy and kids that get into everything our carpets have most definitely been used and abused. We have officially decided that once we buy a house in the near future, we will be getting wood floors. I would much rather have some area rugs that can be more easily replaced. I would like to wish all of you mommies out there a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! You deserve every minute of a day to celebrate you as a mother!

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