Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sick Days

Summer is near and we can feel it with the hot days that have been popping in. But, as allergies take a full dive into our lives we are struck with an awful cold, or is it? It is so hard to tell the difference at a time like this. My son had started sneezing persistently and having a runny nose that wouldn't let up. I started to worry that his Zyrtec just wasn't going to cut it this year. Then a day later my daughter started with the runny nose and sneezing. That  night it hit me full force and FAST. Thinking it was just my sons allergies taking a turn, I didn't use my normal precautions to keep myself and everyone else in the house from getting sick. So, by the time I learned that it was in fact a cold, I was starting to show symptoms.

When I say that this came fast, I mean it. It was yesterday that my daughter showed symptoms. I had felt icky in my tummy all day but shrugged it off as my normal stomach upsets. Then, I get home from a wonderful day out with my friend, as it was her birthday, and I start to sneeze. Within hours I am a sneezing mess with a sore throat and a squeaky voice to match. So, today is my sick day. My son is feeling better, thank goodness! That also means that while it is a bad and nasty cold, it leaves just as fast as it came. My son is left with the all too familiar childhood lingering cough and what's a cough if you don't add asthma in the mix. These are those days that being a parent can be quite hectic. But, it is worth every minute. I am trying to savor these times where it is only 2 that I am chasing around with tissues. Every minute of every sick day is worth it when you have such wonderful children.

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