Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can you ever be too safe?

Being a parent of a child with severe food allergies, I feel as though I need to be extra aware of everything my son is doing. I need to be aware of where he is, what is around, if he is safe, what he is doing. It is really the only way to keep him safe. Just stop and think for a minute about this, it is nothing ANY parent wants to EVER think about but it may be life saving. What would you do if your child was abducted? What terrible things would run through your mind? What could be going on, where are they, are they okay, are we ever going to find them. That alone is HARD to even think about. Now, imagine your child has food allergies, maybe they do. The moment your child goes missing, whether it be them wandering off or an abduction, it becomes a life and death situation. What if your child only wandered off, they could come in contact with an allergen, or a caring adult could offer them some food until you have been contacted. Just the touch can sometimes turn fatal, especially in the hands of someone uneducated about food allergy. That is why taking measures to be sure you know where your child is at all times can be so important.

I came across this website called

This website is FULL of resources including:

  • Tips to prevent abduction
  • Child safety videos
  • Child ID kits
  • Safety devices
  • Internet safety tips and products
  • Child safety books
  • Amber alert resources
  • Sex Offender registry
  • Non-profit organizations
One of my favorites is the child ID Tattoos. They are fun for the child and they have contact info if lost. They even have Tattoos declaring an allergy or any other health issues.

It is definitely worth taking a look around the website to educate yourself and find ways to keep your children safe!

To find out more, please visit

Monday, June 25, 2012

Horse for Lease

Hi everyone!

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve horses. My grandparents had horses and my grandfather would take me riding on the mountain that they lived on. My biggest struggle was being allergic to them. But, I later realized that I could control that with allergy medicines like benedryl. It was so worth it to have those experiences.

I recently came across this very neat site called Horses for Lease. I would suggest taking a look. You don't have to OWN a horse to have all the fun, you can lease them too!  Another cool feature is that you can post ads as well. So, you may be the one owning horses and letting people lease them so they can enjoy some of the benefits too!

To find out more visit

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Purifying your air

Over the summer your allergies can get pretty bad! Using an air purifier can really help to clean the air and make you a lot less miserable. Having a purifier any time of year can be beneficial for your allergies.

I recently came across this website that not only sells air purifiers but helps to educate you on what allergens are in your home and how purifying your air can help you that much more. I know as an allergy and asthma sufferer myself the benefits an air purifier can give. Click HERE to read more and view the chart.

This company also has compiled a list of purifiers that work best for your allergies.

Please take a moment to visit this site as this will help any allergy and/or asthma sufferer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is here!

Yay! Summer is finally here. While this can be so exciting it can also be a drag for us allergy sufferers. I have personally ran out of my Zyrtec without the chance to purchase more in the last few days. I wake up with sinus headaches and feeling yucky. That is most definitely not fun. I have also heard recently that you should not take allergy medicines when pregnant. WHAT!?!? It has been too long for me to remember that but my pregnant friend told me that she was told to ONLY take benedryl. As any parent knows, that is not very possible. I take it and by the time I can start to feel relief, I am knocked out. With the possibility of pregnancy looming, I need to figure out what exactly I am going to do if that happens. I have terrible seasonal allergies, you would think I have the flu. But, that is enough about me.

My son has not come across many allergy problems. But, we did take our first camping trip of the year. While there, I noticed that around the fire pit there were peanut shells everywhere. I did my best to use some pieces of wood as a broom to sweep them into a pile but it was hard. I found more by the table, good thing I always bring a fold out child's table for my kids to eat at when we are camping. It makes it so much easier. Every time my son fell, it was straight to the tent to get his hands wiped down with wipes. That was a very stressful camping trip. To camp we drive for 60 miles on winding roads which makes it take even longer. It is far from any hospital and that can be scary too. I always bring extra epipens and stock up on benedryl and anything else we may need if something allergy related were to happen. Although I am nervous almost the whole time that we are camping, I still take my son because he absolutely loves it! I can't wait to take them again next month!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Recalls due to undeclared allergens!

Undeclared Milk Allergen in Sorbet

Undeclared Walnuts in Whole Foods Market Cupcakes

Follow this link to find more recalls. Not all are due to undeclared allergens but definitely worth taking a look at.  (That includes possible metal fragments.)
Link to recalls