Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Found A Great Site For Cereal Coupons

Hey guys I was browsing Facebook the other day when I came across one of my friends talking about a cinnamon toast crunch cereal coupon they had found online and printed off to save them $2 off a box. I was intrigued obviously by this as I collect coupons and my husband loves cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I asked her about it and she sent me to http://cerealcouponsite.com/   Where they have all kinds of cereal coupons for major brands including Post Cereal, Kelloggs and even Kashi. Anyway I ended up finding these Cinnamon toast crunch coupons which will save you a few dollars off the next time you purchase cereal at your local grocery store.

I've also found that Facebook is a great place to find cereal coupons as people have begun making fan pages about this sort of thing which is great because it allows anyone to post the coupons they find for everyone else to use. It's a great place to network as I'm sure you know. Anyway a good example of this is this Cinnamon toast crunch Facebook page  devoted to sharing coupons, and rebates for the cereal. 

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