Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Showers

I think there is something in the water. There are so many people getting pregnant right now. I know more people than I can count on both of my hands that are pregnant right now. So, with all of these people becoming pregnant, there are bound to be baby showers. I recently went to my closest friend's baby shower and I ended up having to discard my piece of cake because it contained a nut that I was allergic to. There were many things there that I would not have let my son be around. It is pretty typical to have chocolate covered nuts, cake, ice cream and other snacks at a baby shower where you can  not have someone with multiple food allergies in attendance without being extremely cautious. Now, the question is what do you take them to a baby shower? Or what do you do if you cannot make it to the shower or birth of the baby and would like to send a gift. I have found your solution. It is called a baby bouquet. I just love this idea!

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