Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Scouts

When you think of boy or girl scouts you think of cookies and popcorn. Next you may think of the fun these children have in the troops.  For me, it is just a big anxiety attack.

My daughter is finally old enough to be a girl scout. She is in the daisy scout troop and is loving it. Now that my son is seeing how much fun she is having, he is asking to join the boy scouts. I know it is possible for a food allergy kid to be in the scouts. I have heard many FA parents speak about their child's time in the scouts. But, in this small little town, nobody really knows about food allergies. I do what I can to educate the public. I have been featured in the local paper, done some fundraising and wrote post after post on Facebook about it. But, the majority of people in my town just don't 'get it'. I am so nervous to send him somewhere like that. I know they have snack, go camping, on nature hikes (including trail mixes), sell POPCORN. This is all stuff that is potentially life threatening. But, how do I tell him this? I have recently come to find out, he has been getting migraines. These are possibly triggered by anxiety. I do not want to worsen them or feed his anxiety. So, what do I do? This is a question I am asking myself and really struggling to find an answer. I know that I cannot protect him forever. But, do I want to risk his life over an extra curricular? I have suggested other things such as indoor soccer. Again, there will be snack after but that is easily avoided/substituted. He is interested in that as well but no matter what I suggest, there will be risks. I can't teach my son to be a scared couch potato. So, where is the middle ground? Where do I give and where do I take? This is the question weighing on my mind. Hopefully I will have an answer soon. If you have any opinion or suggestion, I would be more than happy to hear it!

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