Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can you ever be too safe?

Being a parent of a child with severe food allergies, I feel as though I need to be extra aware of everything my son is doing. I need to be aware of where he is, what is around, if he is safe, what he is doing. It is really the only way to keep him safe. Just stop and think for a minute about this, it is nothing ANY parent wants to EVER think about but it may be life saving. What would you do if your child was abducted? What terrible things would run through your mind? What could be going on, where are they, are they okay, are we ever going to find them. That alone is HARD to even think about. Now, imagine your child has food allergies, maybe they do. The moment your child goes missing, whether it be them wandering off or an abduction, it becomes a life and death situation. What if your child only wandered off, they could come in contact with an allergen, or a caring adult could offer them some food until you have been contacted. Just the touch can sometimes turn fatal, especially in the hands of someone uneducated about food allergy. That is why taking measures to be sure you know where your child is at all times can be so important.

I came across this website called

This website is FULL of resources including:

  • Tips to prevent abduction
  • Child safety videos
  • Child ID kits
  • Safety devices
  • Internet safety tips and products
  • Child safety books
  • Amber alert resources
  • Sex Offender registry
  • Non-profit organizations
One of my favorites is the child ID Tattoos. They are fun for the child and they have contact info if lost. They even have Tattoos declaring an allergy or any other health issues.

It is definitely worth taking a look around the website to educate yourself and find ways to keep your children safe!

To find out more, please visit

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