Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is here!

Yay! Summer is finally here. While this can be so exciting it can also be a drag for us allergy sufferers. I have personally ran out of my Zyrtec without the chance to purchase more in the last few days. I wake up with sinus headaches and feeling yucky. That is most definitely not fun. I have also heard recently that you should not take allergy medicines when pregnant. WHAT!?!? It has been too long for me to remember that but my pregnant friend told me that she was told to ONLY take benedryl. As any parent knows, that is not very possible. I take it and by the time I can start to feel relief, I am knocked out. With the possibility of pregnancy looming, I need to figure out what exactly I am going to do if that happens. I have terrible seasonal allergies, you would think I have the flu. But, that is enough about me.

My son has not come across many allergy problems. But, we did take our first camping trip of the year. While there, I noticed that around the fire pit there were peanut shells everywhere. I did my best to use some pieces of wood as a broom to sweep them into a pile but it was hard. I found more by the table, good thing I always bring a fold out child's table for my kids to eat at when we are camping. It makes it so much easier. Every time my son fell, it was straight to the tent to get his hands wiped down with wipes. That was a very stressful camping trip. To camp we drive for 60 miles on winding roads which makes it take even longer. It is far from any hospital and that can be scary too. I always bring extra epipens and stock up on benedryl and anything else we may need if something allergy related were to happen. Although I am nervous almost the whole time that we are camping, I still take my son because he absolutely loves it! I can't wait to take them again next month!

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