Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catering Events

Event planning can be quite the hassle. As a parent of a child with multiple food allergies, even attending events can be quite difficult and actually scary. Every Thanksgiving for a few years my son would end up in the ER due to the cross-contamination. I don't even mean food that he was eating because I would bring him his own Thanksgiving dinner. This was just from everyone else eating all of these foods and walking around with the "poison" on their hands and touching things he would soon touch. After I realized that it had no longer become a coincidence, Thanksgivings were held at my house.

I actually came across this great site to help with catering events called I wish I had known about it the last two thanksgivings and other events held at my house. I will surely be using this from now on! This website offers information and advice on partial catering services, buying pre-cooked or pre-made food and hosting potlucks. There is also a national directory of local catering services and restaurants that provide catering. This site goes beyond giving your sources by helping with party planning to make the whole event go smoother. In this website there are articles as well. There is even one geared toward Food Allergies. I would definitely take a look at and browse around taking a look at these helpful tips etc.

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    1. The success or failure of the catered meal is based first on the selection of the caterer. There are many pitfalls that can be averted by implementing a few simple safeguards.

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