Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today was a good day for the most part. As far as food allergies my son was fine. He did get red eyes today but that was probably for another allergy. I'm excited because we found a new food for him! It is hard for us to find any new sweet foods because a lot of those will have one or more of his allergens in them. But, while away this weekend, he was introduced to sorbet. I had read sorbets before and seen that they usually have a milk protein in them. But, appearantly Haagen Dazs does not! So, not only is he able to have an ice cream outside of the So Delicous brand but it is a GOOD brand! Tonight he had some and LOVED it. He says to me "I'm so happy mommy!" You could be having the most cruddy day but when you hear your child say that, it turns it all around! :)

Tomorrow we are planning on visiting the indoor park for the first time. I am quite nervous about that but I'm hoping it will turn out fine! We will see, and I will let you know. Maybe it will be warmer than today and we can go to an outdoor park. That would be best.

Thanks for reading! I'll post more info soon!

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  1. I would love to go with you guys one of these times to the park! :)