Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today my son woke up with a little cough so I decided he probably should not go to the indoor park. My husband then came home sick with a tummy thing. So, I had my son stay home with him while I took my daughter to the indoor park.

When we got to the indoor park everything seemed fine. Then lunch time came around and more people started to show up. They brought fast food and and even peanut butter, jelly sandwiches for their children. I saw crumbs of cookies on the floor by the tables. That was when I decided I could not take my son there. I am also thinking about writing the organizers to see if there is something we can do about that. (You get your first visits free and then you pay a monthly fee, so it is kind of a mom-run organization.)

After the park we took our kids out to eat. My daughter hardly ever eats out because if we do venture to a restaurant, I bring them food since my son cannot eat anything. It makes taking her out to eat a fun occasion. I ordered my favorite salad, then noticed it came with almonds on it. It just reminds me that I REALLY need to wash my daughter and my hands when I get home.

After dinner I was going to make gluten free brownies. My husband stumbled upon those while grocery shopping and they were the first brownie mix we have found without any of my son's allergens. I was going to make these because my son needs a little bit of eggs baked into something everyday. I have a previous post explaining why. (Oral Immunotherapy) The eggs in my fridge were expired so I ran to the store to get some more. By the time I got back there was not very much time before their bed time. I decided to make muffins instead. While rushing, I accidentally got some egg shells in the batter. I have no idea if that could cause a reaction from my son because he is still allergic to eggs. Baking the egg in at a high temperature destroys the proteins enough that his body does not recognize it as a threat. (Do not try this at home, read my previous blog post for my personal experience with another allergen.) So, egg shells may change that and cause a reaction if he runs into one. Of course, I had to start all over! They turned out nicely. I am planning on doing another blog post with the very easy, mostly allergen free recipe. So, Stay tuned!

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