Friday, February 24, 2012


Tomorrow after I get off from work we will be heading out of town. We are visiting family 1 1/2 hrs away. This is fun for us because we don't typically stay the night places. This is the one place we do. It is always stressful because we plan out the meals ahead of time. They decided to make enchiladas. I was told that it should all be allergy safe. After me explaining what to look for and where to look she had found cheese cultures in almost every piece of the dinner, not realizing that was NOT a safe food. We are bringing safe chips and vegan cheese to make them nachos. By the way, a lot of vegan cheese is still not okay. It will either have milk proteins in them or be made from or around nuts. There is one brand that my son can eat, that I have found, and our store in town stopped carrying it. So, now I drive out of town to buy vegan cheese every other week.

This specific family member goes out of her way to try to accommodate our son and I am very grateful for that. She even buys soy milk and ice cream when we are coming over. It turns out that the soy milk and soy ice cream still were unsafe for him because they are processed with nuts.

In preparation for tomorrow, I am packing tonight. There are SO many things to remember. My son is not only food allergic but animal allergic and an asthmatic, they have cats. They keep their house so clean that he rarely gets a reaction if I plan ahead and have him taking Zyrtec. I am very happy with that medicine. I need to remember to pack all of the clothes, inhalers, spacers, nebulizer, nebulizer meds, nebulizer attachments, zyrtec, benedryl, more than one epipen, extra foods and all of the other things for the family. I don't mind, I just need to make myself lists anytime we travel for more than a few hours.

I hope to blog tomorrow but I am not positive it will happen. I need to download the blogger app to do so and I am not very smartphone savvy. I'll just leave it up to my husband. :) I am sure I will have plenty of new topics and stories to match after this weekend though.


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