Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Oh boy, Easter was definitely one for the record books. I stayed up late getting the baskets together and filling eggs. My kids were to excited to go to sleep so I had to wait a long time to even start. Then Easter morning comes. BOTH of my children woke up vomiting. My daughter at 7 am, might I add. They both were sick all morning and a little of the afternoon. My daughter was the worst. every time she would stand up she would vomit. It was terrible I felt so bad for her. They couldn't even get excited about the Easter baskets waiting on the table for them. When it was about lunch time I went to the store to pick up chicken broth, crackers, bananas and gatorade to try to ease some discomfort. When I got back, they had an appetite so I let them eat a little. But, then they came back for more and drank their whole big bottles of gatorade. I tried to get them to sip it but that was not happening. It was amazing though because it was like they were VERY sick one minute and perfectly fine the next. So, I got to dress them up and let them do the egg hunt and then even go to their grandpa's house for dinner.

I did my Easter shopping last minute this year. I am usually well prepared and stocked up weeks in advance. But, this year I got it done on the Wednesday before.  I will show you what I got. ( I didn't get a lot due to the lack of time but it did the job. :) )

These are what i got to fill the eggs with. The starburst jelly beans are free of ALL of my son's allergens. The Sweedish fish are too. They love them and are free of  the big 8 allergens.

These are what I got to put in the Easter basket along with some other things.

Now with this "Fluffy Stuff" I read the ingredients and they did not have any of his allergens. In fact on the back it shows this statement:

Click the picture for a bigger view. It said it was produced in a facility that does not use peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or gluten. But it says nothing about Milk. So, I look in the ingredients and none are fishy. I ultimately decided to buy and give to them anyway. But, after they had brought it to me to open, I started to doubt again. So, I was using the trusty ole google to find what ingredients are make of. Once I saw that there was no milk, I gave a small peice to my son to try. He looks at the package and tells me that he is allergic to peanuts, peanuts give him allergies. I tell him that is true but that picture of peanuts means that it is peanut free. So, I give it to him and he keeps looking at the packaging and says "Mommy, peanuts give me allergies" HE REFUSED TO EAT IT! Even from me! I was so proud at that moment that I did not even want to correct him. :)

So, here was the ending product as far as their Easter Baskets:

Although it started out VERY crumby, it ended as a great day!

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  1. I am SO, SO proud of Gabriel and of you for HIM looking at the package and HIM saying no. That is excellent parenting!! And, now you know, if he knows there are peanuts, he is NOT going to eat it, even from his own mother! FANTASTIC!!!! This really lifts a weight off my heart, as I am sure it does you too!!! xxx Mom