Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Please Participate in this quiz! CASH PRIZE!!

Hello everyone!

I just posted about an experiment that I would like to try. I am going to have a quiz on here and have a rafflecopter to write your answers in so that they are private and you can be entered into the drawing for the prize! YES there is a prize involved!! $5 CASH PRIZE!! I will pay through Paypal or if you do not have paypal you can have a gift card of your choice.

PLEASE BE HONEST IN YOUR ANSWER. DO NOT CHEAT. The answers will be private so if you do not know the answer just take a guess and I will not judge in any way.  Some of the questions will be meant to have unique answers, no right or wrong.

Please go through and read the questions, then go to the rafflecopter on the corresponding question number and type in your answer. Then click Enter for it to be sent to me and give you another entry into the drawing for the $5. This quiz quiz will be open for 24 hours and a winner will be chosen once it ends! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET THE QUESTION RIGHT TO WIN! But, if you are just being silly and not truely participating, I may forfeit your answer.  Good Luck and THANK YOU

Allergy Quiz:

QUESTION # 1: Please tell me if you or someone you know has an allergy. If so, how do you know them? ( They are my child, mother, cousin, brother's best friend, etc.)

QUESTION # 2: What is a food allergy?

QUESTION # 3: What is an Epipen?

QUESTION # 4: How do you use an Epipen?

QUESTION # 5: What are some signs of someone going into Anaphylaxis?

QUESTION # 6: What is Anaphylaxis?

QUESTION # 7: Do you know any of The Big 8 food allergens?

QUESTION # 8: Please tell me what you see in this picture:
You can click the picture to enlarge it.

QUESTION # 9: Please tell me what you see here and how this makes you feel:
You can again click the picture to enlarge it.

QUESTION # 10:  Which of the following can set off a reaction in a food allergic person? (Please report all that you believe apply)
A)ONLY ingesting the particular food allergic to
B)ONLY touching the particular food allergic to 
C)BOTH ingesting OR touching the food allergic to
D)Steam from a food cooking that you are allergic to
E)The smell of a food you are allergic to
F)Cross-contamination of even a minuscule amount of the food allergic to onto a food not allergic to
G) Food allergies are not real

Again, please write your answers into the rafflecopter below. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at  Thank you for being honest in what you believe the correct answers are. After you have entered all of the answers into the rafflecopter below there will be bonus entries to pop up. Those are NOT required but will increase your chances of winning the cash prize!

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  1. Great Quiz. It really makes people think about the seriousness of allergies.