Thursday, April 5, 2012

Today 4-5-12

Today my son had his early intervention class. He likes to ride the bus so although most of the time I can drive him to school he asks to ride the bus and gets excited about it. When he got on the bus today I was buckling him as normal and saw that one kid was telling my son that he had a sucker. I thought, why are they letting the kids bring food on the bus? I know normally they do not let them since my son is riding the bus. But, this is also a bus driver that I have only seen 3 times. Then the bus driver tells me that he brought suckers for the kids. He pointed to the box and asked if my son could have them. I saw that they were dum dums and told him that they are usually okay because they are made in facilities dedicated to being free of the big 8 allergens. ( I love that!) He says "So what is he most allergic to?"....... I said "He is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts," He says "What are tree nuts?" I told him that it is pretty much every other nut so that makes it so he is allergic to all nuts. He is amazed at this. And I wasn't even finished naming off his food allergies. Once I told him that he is also allergic to milk and eggs he was kind of stunned into silence. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this guy or trying to say anything bad about this man. He just obviously knows NOTHING about food allergies. This is a big reason I write this blog. Food allergies are a very serious matter and a lot of people do not understand the severity. When I was younger, people thought that my food allergy was me actually just not liking the food and claiming it made me have a tummy ache. It was much more but there were not many with food allergies so it was not as widely known or understood. I am hoping that with how many children now have severe food allergies, more and more people will be more knowledgeable about food allergies.

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