Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today 4-4-12

Today we did a lot of running around. I have discovered this new local virtual garage sale and have been buying and selling like crazy! It is so fun! After making all of those runs we decided to stop by the mall. In sears they have this clearance section and I am huge on clearance. I saw this popcorn maker and went to buy it. I noticed that it had wrapping paper on it still so it must have been a gift that someone had returned. I had asked the lady working about it because if it was previously used I did not want to buy it. It could have had some sort of butter or other on it. She said that it was not because it would have a different type of tape if it was opened. When I opened it I saw a little bit of residue. I don't know if it was packing residue or it was actually used once. So, I cleaned it and used it for the first time. My son has not had a reaction thank goodness but even making purchases like that, you never really know if someone had opened it and then re-taped it to return it. I am happy that we now have this because I always make popcorn on the stove which takes a lot of time and effort. I will post my delicious recipe for home-made kettle corn at a later date. But, that is what we had. YUM!

My son still has a rash on his belly. He got it yesterday and I have no idea why. It could be related to the hive outbreaks I told you all about in a previous post but it has not gotten any better. When I called my son's Dr. they told me just to watch it and that he would be fine to go to his early intervention class and resume all normal activities.

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