Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Night

Every family needs a night of fun together. There are many ways to do that. My favorite way is to have movie night. We make dinner and grab the TV trays to sit down in front of a family movie. We eat around the table every night so my kids find it extremely exciting when we do that!

I have been thinking about new things to do lately. One thing I know my children like is their TV shows. They love to sing along with the theme songs. So, when I saw that The Fresh Beat Band was coming to town I had to look into it. I found The Fresh Beat Band on www.feefreeticket.com.  In fact, I learned that you can get a lot of different tickets there. You can purchase Concert TicketsBaseball TicketsNFL TicketsSports Tickets and Theatre Tickets.

I still have yet to decide what we will do for our next family night but I know my kids will go CRAZY if we go see The Fresh Beat Band!

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