Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Photos

Recently, our closest friends were married. It was so beautiful and such a joyous occasion. They came over and showed us the slide show they had from their photographer (a family friend). They were nice pictures but I know that she wished that some things had been different. At our wedding we had a photographer that just upset my husband the whole time and then half the pictures weren't usable because of the lighting and settings. So, my advice to ANY couple getting married; invest in a good photographer that has proven themselves to you through sample pictures.  I came across this photographer that does a BEAUTIFUL job. Looking through the website I saw that Green Holly Weddings took wonderful pictures at great prices. It is hard to find someone that not only can capture the moment but can make it look so flawless. Take a look at the portfolio to see for yourself, I promise you will be pleased!

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