Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Infant Formula

Having a baby will change your life forever. Deciding what to feed your baby can be quite a difficult decision.  My first child, my son, never learned to latch on. I believe that I could have taught him, had I had the knowledge I have now. Going from breast feeding to formula feeding with him wasn't as much of a choice as it was a necessity. My son would be hungry and we would both become agitated with using a shield to try to help. When I finally made the switch things became easier on both of us, until it got much worse. They diagnosed my son with colic which I now believe was only his milk allergy in an early stage. Once we moved him to soy formula his painful screams, projectile vomiting and constant crying eased. It was only later that we discovered his milk allergy.

The formula I liked best once switching was Enfamil. There are so many wonderful benefits that enfamil can give your baby. If you would like to try it out for yourself visit Diaper Coupons to get your enfamil coupons. Trust me, with a baby in the house, coupons are always a HUGE help.

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