Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The last couple of days

Hello again! I am BACK!
I was sick for a few days. I still am but I can actually move around the house now. Trying to take care of children while being sick proves to be quite the challenge. This is especially true when you have no voice to talk with. It got to the point where my kids must  have thought it was whispering day. They whispered right along with me, it was funny. My son did run into some allergy problems yesterday and the day before. I am unsure of why this happened on both occasions. The only problem he had was a couple hives on his cheek at dinner time and the next day hives across his forehead and a couple on his eye but they went away. That can be frustrating. Not only is my son food allergic, which can be life threatening, but he also has environmental allergies. It is near impossible to tell the two apart until you have waited a while and watched.

 With my sons environmental allergies he will get the red eyes, asthma and at times hives. Animals in particular will do this to him pretty bad. My son and I are very allergic to animals. We do have 2 cats and 1 dog though. Our cats were inherited because when we moved in the cats living here needed a home. So, we just made them outside cats. So, allergies from the cats are a rarity. I watch my son when he is in the backyard and advise him not to touch the things that belong to the cats. I do not pet them without gloves but my husband is a big animal lover so they get the attention they need from him every day. Our dog is actually a new addition to our family. We got him last summer as a puppy to see if there really is such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Yorkies are a GREAT pet for allergy sufferers like myself. The only time my son gets a reaction is if he is scratched by the dog and even then it is only minor. As long as yorkies are bathed regularly and kept clean they are virtually hypoallergenic. It is amazing, although, I always know when he needs a bath. If my dog has not had a bath in a week I will start sneezing but if we give him a bath, the sniffles are gone.

Along with everything else happening over the last couple of days, I have been trying to potty train my almost 3 year old. She has never shown ANY interest in the potty whatsoever. Any time I have tried potty training her she just doesn't get it. She sees no need to use the toilet when she can use her diaper or even her underwear. In fact, while I am writing this she is bringing me a diaper and trying to get me to put it on her. (I have decided to try the 'nakie' method. Maybe she potties because she feels something there to potty in and eliminating that will get her to go in the potty. It works for some children, right? This potty training thing can be quite draining sometimes. My son took a long time to finally become "ready" but once he was he did amazing! After 1 day of potty training him, he had zero accidents to date. He never used a pull-up, not even at night! He has NEVER wet the bed at night!! That is not to say that his potty training was not difficult. He was 3 years old when he finally learned. We had many attempts at potty training where he would only freak out. Like I said, he just was not ready yet.

Anyway, that is what the past two days have been for me. Potty training, sick in bed and of course the normal every day allergies.


  1. My son is almost 20 but this book was a god send. They have a boy and girl version. Maybe it will help. Here's the link. GOOD LUCK! :o) http://about.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=860537543

  2. Awww, sweetheart, there's no real rest for the moms!! You're doing such a wonderful job raising your family! (And puppy!) I love you.