Thursday, March 8, 2012


     Today my son had his early intervention class, as he does every Tuesday and Thursday. He had been sick last week so he was very eager to be back this week. He regularly tells me that he loves school. I shall remind him of this in the years to come. ;p

    He had been reading stories with me on our bed when his eye became itchy. He announced to me that his does NOT like allergies. So, not knowing what it was that caused this, I gave him some Zyrtec. It seemed to help after a while, especially because I had told him that if he rubs his eye he probably wont be able to go to school. He went to wash his hands after lunch and saw himself in the mirror and became very concerned that he had a red eye. I even heard him announce it to his bus driver as I was stepping off the bus after belting him in.

    This evening we ran to the store and got some things to make a salad for dinner. I noticed that not one brand of crouton was safe for him to eat. It also annoyed me that the bottom of every package said in bold writing that it may contain tree nuts. It did not say that there was milk or other allergens present, although they were, as it normally does. That always kind of strikes a nerve with me. I dont know exactly why but anytime I see something that clearly has allergens in them but only states at the bottom what may be in the product it makes me angry. They expect us to read through all of the ingredients, find the so called "code words" for allergens and then only state what is not stated in the ingredient list. Yes, most people that are avoiding specific ingredients due to allergies, intolerances or celiacs will read through the ingredients anyway. But, not everyone will skim through all ingredients. That also makes it very inconvenient for those that do not regularly cook for people with allergies or are just starting out. I can't tell you how many times I bought foods thinking they were safe only to find out when I got home that I just didn't read through all of the ingredients first, expecting it would be in bold at the bottom.

Another hard one to avoid is vegetable oils. It is almost a game of roulette. A lot of products now will be specific as to what kind of vegetable the oil could be derived from. But, those with a peanut or seed allergy could be putting themselves in danger. Vegetable oils can be derived from a legume. A peanut is a legume and that is why so many things are fried or cooked with peanut oils. They consider peanut oil a vegetable oil because it is grouped in with other legumes.

But, with those things aside, today was a good day. It was sunny and warm today. We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the very rare and much needed vitamin D. All doctors in Oregon suggest a vitamin D supplement to everyone living here because we don't get enough from it. For those of you out of state, if you have seen Twilight, Oregon is a lot like Forks with the cloud cover, just add a lot of rain into the mix. ( Haha, sorry to all you Twilight haters, I personally became addicted to the saga after I was practically forced to watch the first movie. I have now read all of the books and own all of the DVD's that are currently available. lol)

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  1. I know what you mean about things not being labeled. Just found out hubby is allergic to milk AND cooked tomatoes. Being southern, I now have no idea how to cook!