Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surprise! I'm allergic?

There are many things that will have your allergens hidden in them. These are things you may least expect. Yes, you are amazed when you see that you cannot eat specific foods because it contains something that you are allergic to but have you ever gotten a reaction from something that is NOT a food?

 Did you know that if you have an allergy to tree nuts you need to be extremely careful when buying lotion? There are almond and coconut and walnut put into lotions to enhance these products. You will find them in the strangest lotions too. Lotions meant to help with dry or cracked hands, even without a scent, will contain nuts at times.

A lot of shower items contain nuts in them as well. Hand soaps, body gels, shampoo, conditioner and even shave gel all have the possibility of containing one or more nuts. I am glad that Avon now has a tool to let you read the ingredients online before you buy. It is hard to order a product without knowing whether that item will contain something that could be life threatening.

Anti-aging creams, serums and makeup all can contain nuts. I have noticed that a lot of the Avon items I sell to help with brightening of the skin or sometimes even tightening of the skin will contain some tree nuts.

Chapstick will have nut oils in them at times for flavor and moisture.

The one that shocked me most were vaccines. Now that I think about it and know what I know, it almost seems like a no-brainer but when I first found out I was astonished. Vaccines are sometimes grown in eggs. MMR is grown in eggs but there is a lesser chance of getting a reaction. My son just recently had his MMR vaccines because he could not have them before. They gave them to him and had to watch for a half hour. Another vaccine that is grown in eggs is for the flu. This vaccine is more commonly reacted to. My son had the h1n1 vaccine when that was a big thing and they had to give it to him in small increments spanning over 6 different injections. He now gets the flu shot but is required to do so at the allergists office.

It is always good to check ingredients on EVERYTHING before letting it come in contact with someone with severe food allergies. That goes as far as to say not to wear lotions with nuts in them if you plan to be around someone with a nut allergy that day. If you take a look at a few things around your home, especially in your bathroom, I bet you will find a common allergen that you had no idea was there.

Has anyone else had an experience where they discovered that there was an allergen in something unexpected? Did you find something in your home with a common allergen in it that you were unaware of before?

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