Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Robin Trip

We made it out to Red Robin today! We wanted to beat the dinner rush by going at 5 o'clock. We ended up getting there at 5:30 and it was still quite full. We got to our seats pretty quick but it was still a full house.

I always keep 1 Epipen in my purse in case disaster strikes. But today I grabbed an extra because I know all too well that sometimes just one shot doesn't cut it. Going to a restaurant is always a risk.

As always, while walking to our table I informed the person seating us that my son has food allergies and we need to be sure that the table is clean. So, she gets someone that cleans the table to come out and wipe it down again. He decides to get a fresh towel which I am very grateful for because they do not all do that. I just ask them to wipe down in front of my son so that he will not touch anything that he is allergic to. He gets reactions easily. So just the touch of an allergen will give him a reaction and, as most parents of children with allergies know, if they touch something and then get it in their eyes or mouth they can go into a full anaphylactic reaction.
He can finally color, now that the table is cleaned off!

When the waitress came to our table I explained to her that he has food allergies so we need to be very careful. I told her that I brought my kids food but that they can have the Gluten Free fries because they are also free of the big 8 allergens. I then ordered them a drink asking to ensure cleanliness so that he does not come in contact with anything he shouldn't.
His clean cup from the middle of the stack!

I had brought them food so that they are not left out of the experience of dining out. French fries is not a meal in itself so I bring them some things that I can just throw in my purse while heading out.

Finally their french fries arrived separate from the food my husband and I ordered.

They enjoyed their meal and because of the cooperation of the staff we all had a great dining experience!!

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