Friday, March 9, 2012


Today was pretty uneventful with my son's allergies. Typically on a day when we visit Petco to have our dog groomed and spending most of the day away from home, we have some sort of problem. Today was not one of those days. I think it is due to the wonderful Zyrtec. We ate at my in-laws and they had pizza. Pizza is hard one to keep off of surfaces and away from my son. We usually pass on pizza invites or he gets some sort of reaction, even if it is small and can be stopped with Benedryl. Lately though, my in-laws have been having their children wash hands after every meal.(They adopted some children a couple of years ago) They do this even when we are not there so that they know to do it. They are even told they are not allowed to touch anything on the way to the sink. This makes me feel comfortable having our son there. It can be dangerous having him play with other kids toys when they do not wash their hands after eating. So, I am quite happy that we had a pizza night with NO reactions!

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