Thursday, March 29, 2012

Persistent Hives

After my son has his 2 allergic reactions yesterday I was concerned. Then this morning as I was getting ready to go fill in at work, my son had ANOTHER reaction. Again, just hives. So, I decided to call his allergist. After waiting 2 hours I got a phone call. In the mean time my son had yet another random allergic reaction.

After explaining to the allergist what has been happening and answering his questions about where the hives were forming, how often, if he was eating before it happened and so on. (They started around his mouth and would move down his chin and neck at times, they were happening a few times a day and he was not eating before 3 of the 4 reactions.) He told me that sometimes a child's body will present hives when trying to fight off an infection or something that is going on in the body. The fact that it was repeatedly happening and in the same places without eating food before proves that it is not a food allergic reaction. This is very new to me and seems quite odd. But, he told me that it is actually more common for that to happen than it is for a child to have food allergies. He says that as long as it is not going internally as it would with anaphylaxis that there is nothing to worry about and to keep him on a higher dose of Zyrtec for the next week. It may last up to a month!

I just thought I would let you all know about this because not only did I have no idea that a body could appear to be having an allergic reaction when it actually is not but it is quite common and can seem concerning. After yesterday and this morning I was very nervous and thought it was my fault, that maybe I had let someone get something on the furniture he was allergic to or that somehow he was now allergic to our previously hypoallergenic dog. Thank goodness it is not that!

Has anything like this happened with anyone else?

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