Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today 3-21-12

Today I have to decide whether to skip yet another day of my sons oral-immunotherapy because feeding him something he is allergic to sometimes upsets his stomach. If I skip today, I will be risking having to practically start over. This morning my son got sick. He seems fine now and was only mopey until about 1 o'clock today but I am still trying to be kind to his stomach. So, do I or don't I? I figured skipping yesterday was fine because skipping a day now and then is fine and he would eat something with egg baked in today but under normal circumstances I would not have given him his food with egg baked in.

It was a snow day in our town. We went all of winter with only a few morning snows and then today, during spring, we get a day of continuous snow. After my kids being excited about the snow and staring out the window all morning, I decide to get them dressed up in their snow gear and head outside. I open the door, with the camera on record, and my daughter steps out. I try catching her first glimpse at the yard when I hear it. I turn around and my son has covered his snow clothes in vomit. GREAT! It turned out that I actually still had the camera on record and had it that way for a few minutes. I now have my son getting sick on video tape and the following few minutes. It is always sad when your young child gets sick because they have no idea what is going on or why they are feeling this way. They are so helpless and there really is nothing you can do but try to help them aim and tell them they are okay. My husband shortly returns home from a short work day and he takes out daughter outside. I realize my son is in his room crying because he cannot go outside to play in the snow that he was so excited about. Against my better judgement, we decide that since it rarely snows like this in our town we would let him get dressed and at least watch. Although my poor son was feeling extremely icky, he got to join in and stand in the snow. He even helped us make a snow baby. Our hands were too cold to make a full sized snow man so we grabbed an old binky and made a baby.

I know it is not pretty! lol. But, as I said it was COLD and we had no snow gloves to be able to shape our snow baby. My son was also pretty upset that we did not have any carrots in the house to make a nose. He kept singing songs about making snowmen. He is so funny sometimes!

Although it is 7 here, I have dinner cooking. We are having meatloaf, potatoes, corn and jell-o. The jell-o is mostly for my son but who doesn't like jell-o? I think that today was not as spectacular as I would have hoped a snow day would have been but it also wasn't a bust just because my son was sick. It all kind of evened out.

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