Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yesterday I did not write the normal today post. I thought that everything was fine with nothing to tell of. But, I was wrong. Last night I gave my son his normal baked good with egg in it. This time it was a muffin. I had that muffin from the day before when my son ate 2 with no problems. My son ate the muffin and shortly after starting complaining of an itchy lip. I looked and he had started to have a hive on his lip bubble up. I thought it was a little odd since it had been a while since he reacted and had eaten the same muffin yesterday, two in a row! So, I gave him some Zyrtec and had him swish it around in his mouth like the Allergist had suggested that first day he had the itchy mouth in the office. It was supposed to have gotten rid of it within minutes. But an hour goes by, with me checking every 5 minutes or more, and it had only gotten bigger. My mind starts racing wondering if he could have come in contact with another allergen or if somehow something got onto the muffin in the day it had sat on the counter. Then he starts to tell me that his tummy hurts. That is also a sign of anaphylaxis or a more serious allergy. I got worried but after about an hour and a half I put him to bed. He only had the tummy ache, which he complained about once and the swollen lip. 3 hours after he took the Zyrtec he was sleeping and I checked on him to see that they hive was finally going down. But, even in a situation where you know the possible outcomes, it is still nerve wracking. He woke up fine this morning and that has brought me to my conclusion that because he had skipped a few days of his oral immunotherapy, it was as if he started all over with the reactions coming back. It just shows me how he is DEFINITELY still allergic to eggs. I just really hope that this works and he can start eating eggs that not only have been heated in the oven but have been cooked in general.

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  1. You know what I wonder? I wonder if he would be someone who doesn't really love eggs anyway?