Friday, March 16, 2012

Today 3-16-12

Today we had planned on going to Red Robin so that I could blog about every step and take pictures. But, when we got there it was FULL. So, we stalled time for an hour and went back. It was even more packed than before so we decided to have an early dinner tomorrow night. When going to a restaurant with someone that has food allergies you want to try to go during off times when there will not be as many people. When you go during the busy hours you are putting the allergic person at more of a risk because the kitchen staff is working fast to try to get everything out. That is when mistakes happen. If you go to a restaurant when there is not a big breakfast/lunch/dinner rush the servers and kitchen staff will be extra cautious and help you with your needs.

Today I was doing some research on Disney Land because we want to surprise our children within the next year by taking them to Disney Land. That is a scary thing with a child that has food allergies. But, the lady I talked to that plans Disney vacations assured me that Disneyland is the industry leader in food allergy policies and procedures. I believe her too because as I did my research I used Allergy Eats to read some reviews from people with food allergies that ate at these restaurants. All but 1 was a GREAT review. They talked about how the chef would come out and show them the salad bar and such. If there was nothing the kids could eat there, he would specially make them something to eat. It definitely sounds like something that would be worth trying and not stressing a bunch over. She told me that we could even take safe snacks for him into the park! When they check your bag all you have to do is let them know that your child has food allergies and they will allow you to bring the snacks in! How great is that? I am very excited for this trip and a lot less anxious about it now that I know all of this. And, OF COURSE, when we go I will blog every day about what has happened involving allergies and dining out!

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  1. I took Aidan to Disneyland a couple years ago and they never checked our bag. I brought PB&J sandwiches, beef jerky, water, etc. We still ended up buying food because you can't NOT do it. It's soooo good!

    But we ate the snacks while we were standing in line for rides. They didn't lose any money off of us and we had an even more amazing time since we were never hungry and grumpy.

    The point: they didn't even check :)